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List of Topics

The intro section contains an interactive block diagram of the DGS system prior to the 2021 Upgrade Project.

o intro

o list of experimental runs/analysis

o typical DGS run procedures

o analysis codes

o some problems and their solutions

o Beginner Guide to Digitizer Firmware

o computers and networks

o receivers/GEBMerge/GEBsort

o Raspberry Pi camera use

o handeling removable disks under ESATA

o data formats

o Advanced Guide to Digitizer Firmware

o triggers and digitizers

o Digitizer Tester

o The DGS/DFMA EPICS Implementation

o firmware documentation

o Tim Madden software documentation


This section outlines the hardware of Gammasphere including detectors and signal processing electronics. There is an interactive picture that is linked to detailed explanations of each detector after the 2021 Upgrade Project. It also contains details of the Liquid Nitrogen (LN) fill system.

o LN system

Support Devices

Analog Gammasphere

o Analog Gammasphere

o JohnSandbox

On-Site Experts Only

o Building the entire system

o Linking Systems Together

o Updating Firmware in Digitizers and Triggers

o IOC Code Design

Digitizer hardware features you probably don't know about

  • The digitizer has a DAC output.
  • The digitizer has a buffer amplifier that drives a copy of the analog signal going into channel 9 to outputs on the front panel. This is a simple analog buffer, no shaping, sampling or anything else.

contact list

Mike Carpenter, mailto:carpenter@anl.gov

John Anderson, mailto:jta@anl.gov

Michael Oberling, mailto:moberling@anl.gov

Torben Lauritsen, mailto:torben@anl.gov

Darek Seweryniak, mailto:seweryniak@anl.gov

Pat Copp, mailto:copp@anl.gov

Amel Korichi, mailto:korichi@csnsm.in2p3.fr

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