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The main GS digital DAQ

The main GS digital DAQ is (the only one directly) on the onenet private network. The main computers used for The main GS digital DAQ are currently

  • dgs1
  • dgs2
  • dgs4
  • gslinux3

and there are of course a number of IOCs as well. All the old linux boxes (and suns) can also see the GS digital DAQ since they are hooked up to the same network


The DFMA DAQ is located under a natbox called 'nat2' (under onenet) and the computers under this private network are currently

  • darek
  • dgs3 (located in the data room hoked up via private fiber link to the shack)

Other digital systems

There are a number of other clones of the GS digical DAQ, all sitting under their own NAT boxes

The Clover Array DAQ

This DAQ is located under the cisco NAT box: nat4y. The local DAQ computer is 'clo'. At the moment (4/24/20130, the DAQ is on onenet as gslinux2)


This DAQ is located under the 'nat3' NAT box which again is under the onenet local network. The local DAQ computer here is 'somewhere'

The Analog DAQ computers

  • gslinux1
  • gslinux3
  • gslinux4
  • con5
  • con6
  • con7
  • ln2con
  • shack2 (now retired)
  • dgs6
  • (lncon, now retired)
  • + two IOCs