Raspberry Pi camera use

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To boot the raspberry pi up

 connect cat6 cable to the onenet switch (next to it)
 [connect monitor (HDMI)]
 [connect keyboard]
 [the wireless mouse should already be there]
 connect the usb power plug

It should then boot up and connect itself to onenet where it will have the IP

The items in [] may not be needed. The pi user password is now the default DGS password, not the default pi one!!

Booting it up with the cat6 cable attached, is the easiest way to make sure it comes up on onenet. On some machines it can also be reached as darekpi02 if DNS is set up properly.

To use the raspberry pi camera to stream data

 sudo service motion stop
 ./motion -c motion-mmalcam-both.conf

that should start a little webserver so that you can see the live stream from a web browser using thes URL:

You will have to be on onenet to see the the video stream.

When you want to stop the stream, simply type crtl-c in the window you started the stream in. The streamer leaves a lot of files which needs to be removed to make sure the raspberry pi is happy. Do

 rm /dev/shm/*

Configuration of the raspberry pi to use the streaming software

There seems to be a nice description at the URL:


though I haven't tried it. We also have have history log file from when Kalle installed the software.


Thanx to Kalle for setting up this system