Network Accessible Power Control Units of DGS

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Remote Control of DGS Crates

In June/July of 2020 two network accessible power distribution units (PDUs) were installed into DGS. Each PDU has two individually controllable outlets, each servicing one of the VME crates in the system. Each PDU has its own ip address:

the device at 203.9 controls the VME crates as follows

  • Load group A is VME32, VME07, VME08.
  • Load group B is VME09, VME 10, VME 11.

pdu control screen 1

The device at 203.64 controls the VME crates as follows

  • Load group A is VME04,VME05,VME06.
  • Load group B is VME01,VME02,VME03.

pdu control screen 2

The device at 203.8 is currently wired to control the Microball/neutron detector VME crate.

  • Load #1 is currently unused.
  • Load #2 controls power to the VME crate.


To turn a crate on or off, click the slider in the middle of the screen. You'll get a popup asking for a state change. State change to 'off', then click it again to change the state back to 'on.

login details

You must be on a machine that is on the onenet network (including sonata). The username and password are both 'localadmin'.

JTA, 20200702.