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HELIOS Digital DAQ Wiki Page

This is the wiki for all that is the HELIOS Digital Data Acquisition (informally known as DigiOS).

For the kinematics of HELIOS, please look File:Kinematics of HELIOS.pdf

Online simulation is available Here


! Devices Function
Digitizers digitizing analog signal
HELIOS DAQ controlling and receiving data
Mac2020 Remote control of the HELIOS DAQ and online analysis
Mac2017 Database, Grafana, remote control of the WindowXP
WindowXP HV control
HeliosDB (removed) Database (replaced by Mac2017)

Here are more detail


Usage and Operation



Calem Hoffman mailto:[email protected]
Daniel Santiago-Gonzalez mailto:[email protected]
Sean A. Kuvin mailto:[email protected]
Tsz Leung (Ryan) Tang mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

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