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This "How to" is assuming you are working in the DAQ.

How to Start the DAQ?

In the DAQ,

~$cd digios/daq

If you are in the MAC, ssh to the DAQ by


Please read the guide : Check the Guide for DAQ

The guide is kind of old, but the essential is there.

How to start the Database program ?

on the HELIOS commander, there is a button "Database" on top of the button "Stop"

How to deal with Buffer alert?

Usually, the buffer is low when there are too many triggers and cannot flush the data to the DAQ.

In many cases, the Database program will check the buffer level, if any VME buffer level is smaller than 300, the ACQ will be stooped for 30 sec and resume automatically.

How to Set Trigger?

anywhere>SetTrigger [VME] [DIG] [Plane]

There are two triggers, called X-Plane and Y-Plane, it has nothing todo with plane or beyond my imagination. .

when IOC switch off suddenly, what should I do ?

stop the run, wait for few minutes, start again.

if this keeps happening, reboot the DAQ.

How to pushing Grafana screenshot to ANL web page?

see Grafana + InfluxDB

How to Setup Globus connection, Sound Alarm, and Auto-Screenshot Capture ?

~>./helios_monitor start

How to mount a new Hard Disk