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Physical Location


Network Location Information

A drawing of the network is like this.

From outside ANL, the sonata is the only gateway to go to onenet.


DAQ Computer

The data acquisition computer for digital HELIOS sits behind a NAT box. The NAT box is located at



The IP with in the NAT box is

This IP is used for the MAC to the DAQ

Nat Box / Rounter

The login for the cisco (cisco data page) is uname cisco and the gammasphere password

Notes on cisco setup: net -> wan -> iPv4 -> static -> -> default .1 -> DNS .1

IOC's are

DAQ computer is

MAC computer is

Terminal Server

Portserver TS16 MEI

Info? (2.6.23-431.5.1.el6.i686 (RH 4.4.7-3) Login with root and gammasphere pswrd

telnet 200[1-X]

Physical Locations and ID's of Digitizers / Routers / Triggers

Really need a few figures with labels / diagrams.

  • Serial numbers of system hardware
  • Board ID numbers for data processing
  • IP address and names of modules