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Physical Location


Network Location Information

A drawing of the network is like this (2021-01-21).

The CISCO router is the only way to the onenet and internet.

The HP Switch is a main switch for all devices, like the DAQ PC and the MAC.

The HELIOS-DB and the windowsXP connects to the onenet directly.


We added 2 Network Power switch

IP: for Target fan
IP: for DAQ

DAQ Computer

The data acquisition computer for digital HELIOS sits behind a NAT box. The NAT box is located at


or from the Mac

The HELIOS-DB, Mac2017 and the windowsXP connect to the onenet, the IPs are

HELIOS-DB : (nickname: heliosdb)
windowsXP :
mac2017 : (nickname: mac2017)

Login outside ANL

only for PC at onenet.

ssh -J <username>@login.phy.anl.gov <accountName>@<onenet_IP>
PC accountName onenetIP
DAQ helios digios1
Mac2017 heliosdigios mac2017

Nat Box / Rounter

The login for the cisco (cisco data page) is uname cisco and the gammasphere password

Notes on cisco setup: network -> wan -> iPv4 -> static -> -> default .1 -> DNS .1

IOC's are

DAQ computer (digios1) is

MAC2020 computer (helios-iMac) is

Target Fan power switch (target-pwrswitch) is

DAQ power switch is

There are some unknown IP

To scan all "active" devices in the CISCO network:

$nmap -F 192.168.1.*

Terminal Server

Portserver TS16 MEI

Info? (2.6.23-431.5.1.el6.i686 (RH 4.4.7-3) Login with root and gammasphere pswrd

telnet 200[1-X]

In the DAQ-PC, the IP and the corresponding "nickname" are saved in

$cat /etc/hosts		localhost.localdomain localhost
::1		localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6	digios1	ts	ioc0	ioc1	ioc2	ioc3	ioc4	tllptgs

Physical Locations and ID's of Digitizers / Routers / Triggers

Really need a few figures with labels / diagrams.

  • Serial numbers of system hardware
  • Board ID numbers for data processing
  • IP address and names of modules