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Globus is a "thing" that bridge two data locations. For example, we use it to transfer file from the DAQ and LCRC.

First, login with your ANL account

Once you are in globus, go to File manager, find "LCRC DTN", you will need LCRC account for it. The password of LCRC is NOT the SSH one. Once you done, you can navigate to /lcrc/project/HELIOS (assume you also have the right for the HELIOS project).

Then, create an endpoint on the DAQ.

Globus Auto Upload

need 2 things

  1. in helios DAQ, login as DGS, run globus client
  2. log into Globus web, give credential to LCRD DTN

the rest will be handled by ~/digios/daq/edm/script/

Globus API

Globus CLI