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List of things following DigiOS beam time

March 2018 -

Trace Viewer - Gain understanding of the software and hardware options.

File Open - Buffer Flush - Really becoming a bigger priority. Documentation and Software source

UDP - Learn about this option more.

Email for JTA - 10/2017 -

Hi John, Below is a write-up of the things we discussed earlier related to the HELIOS version of the Digital DAQ. I have also tried to order them in priority as I see it. Let me know what you think and how I can help moving forward.

Accelerator RF Readout - Still remains as the top priority for the daq as this would remove our analog "hack".

Additional information / wiki write-ups - Basically, I know of these things, however, to use them efficiently I will need to sit down with you / Mike / etc, to understand how they work. Or, as you had mentioned, more directed write-ups on the following topics would be very useful:

- Parameters and operation of the triggering

- Parameters and operation of the throttle - DONE IN THE WIKI

Information on Pulser Usage / controls through EPICs - Either need to get additional windows computers to help with this or need to have a priority to input controls into EPICs.


-- Understanding the triggering better

-- Adding in the RF Timing

-- How to force data to file if rates are low

Increase system stability

-- How to govern and automatically monitor the buffers -> looking into the THROTTLE variables and setup start with finding all THROTTLE variables


load the databases, which db's hold the THROTTLE?

-- How to query the network / system to wake it up on startup -> tried to touch files but then IOC closes because files exist, also tried to ping iocX but get no response. Need to look into receiver code?

-- How to reboot things remotely

-- Triggers / TS stop updating on the GUI (but data seems to be coming in)

-- Triggers / TS stop updating from one of the VMEs?

Items for experimental setup/startup

-- How to better use the pulser

-- How to get a signal out of the digitizer for use as a scope

Data storage and processing

-- Stability and automation for disk mounting

-- understand the file writing with the gtReciever (max file size etc.)

-- How to transfer only data that is not on the mac already

-- Improved way to sum up the data runs