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The HELIOS Digital DAQ is consist of 5 main devices and 1 computing resource.

  1. The Digitizers
  2. DAQ (the data acquisition computer, located at the HELIOS experimental room, near the Digitizers)
  3. Windows ( the windows XP pc for magnet control, Bias control, Target fan control, & Laser range finder)
  4. MAC (the iMac that use to do online analysis and remote control of the DAQ)
  5. HeliosDB (the Ubuntu pc for database and Grafana, remote to the Windows)
  6. LCRC ( the super computer cluster provided by ANL, use for data storage and other computation )


Control and Data Flow


Setup of Array-RF TAC

- can we see NIM signals from triggers out of router or master trigger? -- First likely need trigger map for energy signals, e.g., not Internal mode but (TTL or TTCL modes).

- Able to take various data inputs...RF Stop, TAC, MT A/B outputs (w/ or w/ out cfd post-processing...)


Power supply polarities need to be switched to accommodate additional power of new digitizers!



Firmware documentation can be found here File:ANL Firmware for LBL Digitizer June 2015.pdf, this is from the hep/digital gs svn (rev 4129); see DGS SVN Repo for the latest version. This svn repo requires authentication; contact John Anderson for access.

-Firmware Status-

Information on latest digitizer firmware flash / status

Date           Firmware Data         SVN Location           Local Location                Notes
10/19/2016     20160717              TBD                    /home/dgs/firmware_images     Done by CRH

-Firmware Flash Notes-

Uses files flash_helios.js asynRecordsHelios.txt and javaCon. These can be found in /home/dgs/tmadden/swWork/workspace/epicsClient/src


10/19/2016 - All digitizers in digios1 have been updated to 20160717. Need a list of all digitizer IDs.

5/28/2016 - Digitizers in F-Wing lab(Last 5 were tested at HEP by SAK, JW, DSG, with help from JTA)

S/N D87, D81, D84, D95, D98, D88, C8, C29, D97, D8D, C46, C42, C5A, 0B2, C37, D89

11/9/2015 - Digitizers in my possession updated to current firmware (DONE IN BOLD - XXX-XXX)

 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15   16
 D81', D84, D86, D87, D88, D8A, D8B, D8C, D8D, D8E, D8F, D90, D95, D96, D97, D98, C46, 0C8

6/17/2015 - 3 Digitizers and 2 IOC cables borrowed by DGS/X-Array

S/N D90, D8C, D8B

5/21/2015 - 4 Digitizers were borrowed by DFMA

S/N D86, D8A, D8F, D8E

5/18/2015 - 4 Digitizers were installed in DigiOS

3/1/2015 - 16 Digitizers were delivered by HEP.

 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12
D8D, D8C, D8B, D90, D98, D97, D96, D95, D86, D8A, D8F, D8E, + 4 in Digios