Transferring Files

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  • Files can be transferred to and from the cluster using a client that supports the SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) or with scp (Secure Copy Protocol). Free SFTP clients are available from for Windows, and are included with or available for MacOS, and most varieties of Linux/UNIX. Be sure your client is using port 22.
  • Some users have also reported success with cwrsync, a prepackaged version of Cgywin and rsync.

Windows text files

Note that text files created under Windows may cause problems on the cluster. This is because Windows and Linux have different conventions for representing a newline in ASCII text files. Some Windows text editors will allow you to save a file in the UNIX/Linux format before transferring the file to the cluster. Alternatively, you can use the Linux command dos2unix to remove the CR characters that Windows uses at the ends of lines:

dos2unix somefile

dos2unix will have no effect on a Linux text file, so it's safe to use on any text file.

You can determine whether a file is in Windows or Linux format with the command

cat -v somefile

Windows text files will have a ^M at the end of each line.