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You'll need an SSH client to connect to the Arrow.

To Login to Arrow

username: your ANL domain username (without the ANL prefix) 
password: your ANL domain password

Note: We currently support logins to login1, login2, login3, and login4 Please select the login node randomly to avoid heavily loading any one of them with a large number of users.

IMPORTANT. In order for the your home directory to be properly setup on Arrow, please connect to the cluster using Putty on Windows or ssh from a UNIX/Linux workstation using the command: for the initial login. After that nomachine may be used to establish graphical desktop environment.

How to Connect: Details


  • Access to the TRACC cluster requires use of an SSH client. Free SSH clients are available for Windows, and are included or available for MacOS, and most varieties of Linux/UNIX.
  • Alternatively, the NoMachine NX client also uses SSH. For ARROW you will have to select the GNOME DESKTOP.
  • If you're using a graphical application on the cluster, you'll need to enable X11 forwarding in your client. For Windows clients, this will usually involve checking a checkbox; for MacOS and Linux, you can do this:
ssh -X

Access restricted to authorized hosts

  • Access to the cluster is currently restricted to pre-approved hosts. Please contact us clicking to send email or via telephone: 630-252-8224 with the hostnames of the systems from which you would like to access the cluster. Users with Argonne Windows domain accounts can connect from the VPN; please contact us by clicking to send email or via telephone: 630-252-8224 for the details.
  • Under Windows, you can find out your host name with the command "ipconfig". Note that IP addresses beginning with "10." or "192.168." are private addresses, and are not accessible outside your own network. If you have such an address, you can find out your public address at (for example)