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This WIKI is meant for the documentation of the specific operations of GRETINA at ANL. The WIKI will also be used to document the software to monitor data on-line. We will furthermore document the process of tracking GT data and sort it with the root sorter GEBSort off-line.

Other WIKIs and URLs (in no particular order) documenting features of GRETINA are:

hardware and firmware

tracking/off-line sort with trackMain/GEBSort
running the GEANT4 simulation code

some local ANL contacts:

Mike Carpenter,
John Anderson,
Michael Oberling,
Torben Lauritsen,
Calem Hoffman,
Darek Seweryniak,
Marco Siciliano,

Some LBL contacts:

Heather Crawford,
Mario Cromaz,
Augusto Macchiavelli,
Chris Campbell,

Some MSU contacts:

Dirk Weisshaar,

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