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SAS: Reactor Dynamics and Safety Analysis System

SAS4A/SASSYS-1 is designed to perform deterministic analysis of anticipated events as well as design basis and beyond design basis accidents for advanced nuclear reactors. Detailed, mechanistic models of steady-state and transient thermal, hydraulic, kinetic, and mechanical phenomena are employed to describe the response of the reactor core, the reactor primary and secondary coolant loops, the reactor control and protection systems, and the balance-of-plant to accidents caused by changes in coolant flow, loss of heat rejection, or reactivity insertion. The consequences of single and double-fault accidents can be modeled, including fuel and coolant heating, fuel and cladding mechanical behavior, core reactivity feedbacks, coolant loop performance including natural circulation, and decay heat removal. Analyses are typically terminated upon demonstration of reactor and plant shutdown to permanently coolable conditions, or upon violation of design basis margins. The objective of the analysis is to quantify accident consequences as measured by the transient behavior of system performance parameters, such as fuel and cladding temperatures, reactivity, and cladding strain. Originally developed for analysis of sodium cooled reactors with oxide fuel clad by stainless steel, the models in SAS4A/SASSYS-1 were subsequently extended and specialized to metallic fuel clad with advanced alloys and to several other coolant options, including lead, LBE, and water.


The SAS4A/SASSYS-1 code system is presently available from the Energy Science and Technology Software Center. Until recently, the SAS4A/SASSYS-1 code distribution at the ESTSC was considered Applied Technology, which meant there were significant restrictions on its distribution. The Applied Technology designation has been removed from the code package at ESTSC, and it is available for unlimited distribution, although export control reviews may still apply. Applied Technology restrictions still apply to source code versions maintained at Argonne.

To view the code package description and to submit a request, please visit ESTSC. The distribution includes code manuals, two sample problems, and a PC executable.


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