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Version 5.0

  • What are the main differences in the INPUT for Version 5.0?
An obvious change is that the VERNAM (Primary Title Record, Columns 73-80) must now be "5.0". While this value does not determine how the input will be read, it is a reminder that you are acknowledging compatibility of your input with version 5.0 of the code.
The format specification for NCH in the storage allocation record is now I6 (instead of I3) to allow for more than 999 channels. Currently, the coded limit on the actual number of channels is 22,000. In reality, memory addressing on 32-bit machines tends to limit this to below 15,000 channels.
Specialized free-format input capabilities have been dropped and are no longer permitted in the input.
The interpretation of ICHCH (Block 51, INPCHN, Location 206-213) has changed. Because of the larger number of channels allowed in a model, the threshold beyond which ICHCH defines heat transfer from structure to coolant has been changed from 1000 to 500,000. Models that rely on this need to be updated.

Version 3.0

  • Can I use NaK as coolant in the DRACS loop? In other words, is BLOCK 3 (INPMR4), Location 509, INAKDR = 1 operational?
Unfortunately, INAKDR is not operational in v3.0.