Building the entire system

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Building the entire software system

According to notes left from Tim Madden, a multi-stage make is required to build the .munch files for the IOCs. Munch files are raw binary executable for the MVME5500 generated by a cross compiler. The cross compiler resides on machine con5, a Sun Solaris machine. If that machine dies, we're probably in deep trouble.

Compiling the Code (Updated September 2021 to use con6)

  1. Log into con6 as dgs
  2. cd /global/devel/gretTop/9-22/dgsIoc
  3. make -B
  4. cd ../dgsDrivers
  5. make -B
  6. cd ../dgsIoc
  7. make
  8. Log out of con6
  9. Log into dgs1 as dgs
  10. cd /global/devel/gretTop/9-22/dgsIoc
  11. ./ (This last command copies the munch file from con6 to dgs1, making it available to the MVME5500s.)

Procedure as found on the dgs repository

As of September 2021 this procedure is out of date as con5 is offline.

  • Ssh to con5 on onenet.
    • This is a solaris sytem that has the vxWorks cross compilier.
    • First you build various libraries of DGS, such as the Sender, board drivers, VME drivers.
    • Then you build the whole system to link all the libraries together into a “munch” file, or vxWorks executable code.

On con5 enter the following commands

cd /global/devel/gretTop/9-22
cd dgsDrivers
cd ..
cd dgsData
cd ..
cd gretVME
cd dgsIoc