Building the entire system

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Building the entire software system

According to notes left from Tim Madden, a multi-stage make is required to build the .munch files for the IOCs. Munch files are raw binary executable for the MVME5500 generated by a cross compiler. The cross compiler resides on machine con5, a Sun Solaris machine. If that machine dies, we're probably in deep trouble.

Procedure as found on the dgs repository

  • Ssh to con5 on onenet.
    • This is a solaris sytem that has the vxWorks cross compilier.
    • First you build various libraries of DGS, such as the Sender, board drivers, VME drivers.
    • Then you build the whole system to link all the libraries together into a “munch” file, or vxWorks executable code.

On con5 enter the following commands

cd /global/devel/gretTop/9-22
cd dgsDrivers
cd ..
cd dgsData
cd ..
cd gretVME
cd dgsIoc