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Welcome to the GRETINA Wiki!

This purpose of this Wiki is to enhance collaboration efforts related to the GRETINA detector modules, software, analysis, and anything that improves the user experience. All GRETINA users are welcome to update and improve the pages contained in this Wiki.

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GRETINA is a new type of -ray detector to study the structure and properties of atomic nuclei. It is built from large crystals of hyper-pure germanium and will be one of the first detectors to use the recently developed concept of -ray energy tracking. GRETINA will eventually consists of 21 highly segmented coaxial germanium crystals. Each crystal is segmented into 36 electrically isolated elements and four crystals are combined in a single cryostat to form a quad-crystal module. There are currently 7 modules in total. The modules are designed to fit a close-packed spherical geometry that will cover one quarter of a sphere. GRETINA is the first stage of the full Gamma-Ray Energy Tracking Array (GRETA).

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