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Community Wiki Site

Following the first Town Hall Meeting (see below) we have set up a

community wiki

hosted by the University of Washington. Please visit the site to see status and updates on community work, including white papers.

Final Report from the Community

A final set of recommendations has been completed based on multiple town-hall meetings and workshops.

Cyber Security R&D Plan

Background: Open Workshops on Cybersecurity R&D Planning

During 2007 there were a number of cybersecurity-related meetings and discussions among the DOE Office of Science, Office of the CIO, Lab directors and CIOs, and workshops. From these discussions a growing, grass-roots community of researchers emerged, meeting by teleconference, discussing and refining ideas for establishing a visionary, science-based CyberSecurity program to benefit the broad needs of the Department of Energy.

A series of public “Town Hall” meetings was organized in 2008 to discuss and refine a long term cyber security R&D roadmap. The first meeting was held at Argonne National Laboratory in February 2008 (see detailed below). Additional town hall meetings were held in June 2008 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and in October 2008 in Washington, D.C.

Town Hall 1: Objectives and Agenda

The objective of the workshop is to continue to develop and refine recommendations regarding a cybersecurity research and development program that will transform DOE open systems, critical national infrastructure (such as the power grid) and DOE classified systems into exemplars of Cybersecurity deployment and practice. This will involve:

  • Identifying R&D challenges looking 5 years out, 10 years out and beyond, in contrast to the traditional focus on response to current (or past) threat, "fixing" current problems or near-term issues.
  • Identifying and exploring gaps in terms of topics not yet included in the draft documents this community has been developing.

An objective of this workshop is also to create a community and set of interactions that will be synergistic between open and classified communities, optimally addressing issues of importance to both sets of requirements.


(See Argonne Site Map for location of Guest House and Building 362)

  • Monday 11-Feb-2008 (Location: Argonne Guest House - Conference Room A)
    • 1500-1700 Discussion of breakout structure topics and sequencing, high-level review of current document drafts and status of the initiative.
  • Tuesday 12-Feb-2008 (Location: Building 362)
    • 0900-1000 Keynote: A View of DOE Computing and Cybersecurity in the Year 2020 (Rick Stevens, Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago)
    • 1030-1200 Breakout Session 1
    • 1330-1500 Breakout Session 2
    • 1530-1630 Plenary Updates from Breakouts 1 and 2
    • 1700-1830 Breakout Session 3
  • Wednesday 13-Feb-2008 (Location: Building 362)
    • 0900-1030 Breakout Session 4
    • 1100-1230 Plenary Discussion of Breakouts; Next Steps

The general workshop will adjourn at 1230 and breakout leaders will use the afternoon to prepare preliminary reports.

Logistics and Registration

Meeting Location at Argonne

All meetings will take place at the Argonne Guest House or in Building 362, which is a 15 minute walk or 3 minute drive from the Guest House.

You can download (or view online) an Argonne Site Map with building locations. The Guest House is in sector C3 and 326 is in sector E3. Call six three zero two five two seven eight six seven to speak with Jo if you have trouble.

Registration (Required for access to Argonne)

The deadline for registration (in order to obtain a gate pass) has passed.

Participants will need to register to obtain an Argonne gate pass. Please email your name, institution, and citizenship to jkyoung at anl dot gov to register, making sure to put the text CYBERSECURITY in the subject line.

  • US Citizens must register prior to 4-February
  • Non-US citizens must register prior to 30-January


A block of rooms is set aside at the Argonne Guest House (hotel on site). You must contact the Guest House directly to reserve a room as part of the "cybersecurity R&D workshop."

The Guest House telephone number is +1-800-632-8990 or +1-630-739-6000

The Guest House website is

Visiting Argonne

For information about visiting Argonne please see Visiting Argonne

Background Materials and Contacts

Current draft (RTF) of the community white paper that will drive the workshop agenda.

Workshop Organizers: C. Catlett (Argonne), D. Frincke (PNNL), D. Petravick (Fermilab), and E. Talbot (Sandia).

To participate in the weekly teleconferences, held on Wednesdays at 10:15am central time, please email jane dot carlson at pnl dot gov.