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  • InfluxDB needs checked on raisordaq computer [and with Grafana] -> install and running but am I writing to this DB not sure

yet through BoxScore??

  • Grafana needs to moved to XraisordaqX new iMAC but cannot stay on diag3. Grafana installed and running but not setup to db on raisordaq yet.


  • re-confirm data collection with 500 MHz 16-ch board
  • setup InfluxDB and Grafana with raisordaq and/or new interface computer
  • setup CAEN bridge on raisordaq
    • setup HV control
  • load new firmware and setup new 'fast' digitizers

FC / Keithley readout

  • Continue to test / search for a way to readout the keithley via usb
  • push data to InfluxDB / Grafana


  • readout of MCP, new fast digitizers once working, and misc...