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Tribal Energy Wiki

Intended is that all efforts largely completed, having to do with Energy Production in any form, can be inserted into this Wiki environment for all other Tribal Communities to share.

Table of Contents

Examples might include:

  • How to apply for government grants
  • Grant writing techniques
  • Procedure to create a Tribal Community Wind Farm
  • Curriculums and Lesson Plans for: High schools, Colleges, Workshops...
  • What are Carbon Credits
  • How do you lease or sell carbon credits
  • ...

The wiki allows for continuous improvement of the entries. So when you start a page, expect others to eventually add to the page to reflect changing times. To begin, login, upload your documents, navigate to "my contributions", right-click on the link to your document then copy the link url, go to Table_of_Contents.doc and paste your URL under the appropriate heading, email the new Table of Contents for upload to this wiki.

If you are either not familiar with the MediaWiki collaboration platform or have never edited this wiki before, please visit the Help page. In order to edit this wiki you must first log in.