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Getting started

To use STAR-CD, you need to source the setstar file for the version you'd like to use. Use one of these commands:

source /soft/cd-adapco/star-cd/4.12.004/etc/setstar
source /soft/cd-adapco/star-cd/4.10.007/etc/setstar
source /soft/cd-adapco/star-cd/4.08.007/etc/setstar
source /soft/cd-adapco/star-cd/4.06.016/etc/setstar
source /soft/cd-adapco/star-cd/4.06.007/etc/setstar
source /soft/cd-adapco/star-cd/4.04.013/etc/setstar
source /soft/cd-adapco/star-cd/4.04.010/etc/setstar
source /soft/cd-adapco/star-cd/3.27.063/etc/setstar

To use the latest stable version, omit the version number:

source /soft/cd-adapco/star-cd/etc/setstar

Versions up to 4.08.007 default to using the Absoft compiler for user subroutines. 4.10.007 and all future versions will default to using the Intel compiler. To use the Absoft compiler with 4.10.007, do

source /soft/cd-adapco/star-cd/4.10.007-absoft/etc/setstar

We will not be supporting Absoft for versions after 4.10.007.


STAR-CD release notes are in $STARDIR/doc.

STAR-CD manuals are in $STARCDMAN.

Files needed for the tutorials are in $STARDIR/STARCDTUTS. Pick the sub-directory closest to but less than or equal to the version number. To work on a tutorial, copy the files for it to a directory under your home directory.

Pre- and post-processing

  • For pre-processing (mesh generation and model set up) and post-processing, first request a compute node with
qsub -I -X -l nodes=1:ppn=8,walltime=8:00:00

or with

echo sleep 8h | qsub -joe -l walltime=8:00:00
  • To find out which node your job was assigned to
jobnodes <job-id>
  • Then log in to the node with
ssh -Y nXXX

where nXXX is the name of the node assigned by PBS.

  • Once logged in to the compute node, initialize your environment variables as above.
  • Start your application on the compute node using OpenGL graphics:
prostar gl &
  • If your hardware does not work with OpenGL use:
prostar mesa &

Running simulations

For long running simulations requiring more than one node, use PBS to submit a batch job. An interactive script can be used to simplify job submission. It will prompt you with questions on the resources needed.


This script will be in your PATH when you load a STAR-CD module.

By default, the script will ask for 8 cores per node when it submits your job. If you want to use fewer than 8 cores per node, you can specify that as part of the "other queue options":

Enter other queue options, if any: -l nodes=2:ppn=6


Our STAR-CD license allows for an unlimited numbers of users. However, licenses will automatically be checked back in to the server after 30 minutes of inactivity. Any needed licenses will automatically be checked out again when the STAR-CD process resumes.