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Getting started

To use MATLAB, run the appropriate module command:

module load matlab/r2007b
module load matlab/r2008a
module load matlab/r2009a
module load matlab

The last command will always load the latest installed version.

R2008a is not supported by MathWorks on our cluster, and you will see this message when you run it:

Warning: glibc 2.3.4      - Your version
         glibc 2.3.6      - MATLAB built using this version
-> Please Note: This program may work on this host but MATLAB will not!

Simple testing did not reveal any problems; if you do encounter problems, please use r2009a.


For each version, we have the Distributed/Parallel Toolbox installed. We do not have any worker node licenses.


We have one MATLAB seat, and one Distributed/Parallel Toolbox seat. This will allow one user to run up to four MATLAB processes. Licenses will automatically be checked back in to the server after 30 minutes of inactivity.

See Using licensed software for how to have PBS check license availability before running a job.

PBS integration

Since we have don't have the Distributed Computing Engine, it's not possible to submit jobs to PBS from within MATLAB. Instead, you will need to use the MATLAB local scheduler within your MATLAB script, and manually submit that script to PBS using qsub. See /doc/matlab/examples/ for some example MATLAB scripts taken from the Parallel Toolbox documentation.

Additional documentation

See MathWork's help pages for the complete MATLAB documentation.