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Getting started

  • You must be a licensed user of Fluent in order to use Fluent on the cluster. Please contact us for details.
  • You'll need to load the module for the version of Fluent you'd like to use, with one of these commands:
module load fluent/6.3.26
module load fluent/6.3.35


module load fluent

to always get the latest stable version.

  • This PBS job script can be used to submit Fluent jobs:

. /etc/profile.d/modules.sh
module load fluent


cat > batch << EOT
/file read-case-data $input
/solve monitors residual plot no
/solve monitors surface clear-monitors
/parallel partition auto use-case-file-method yes
/solve iterate $iter
/file write-data ${input%%.*}.dat yes
/exit yes

cores=$(awk 'END {print NR}' $PBS_NODEFILE)

fluent $dim$prec -g -t$cores -cnf=$PBS_NODEFILE -pib.dapl -i batch

It should be submitted with the command

qsub -A fluent -v dim=<dimension>,prec=<precision>,input=<inputfile>,iter=<iterations> jobscript

where dimension is either 2d or 3d, and precision is either sp or dp.

  • Alternatively, we have an interactive script, fluent_qs, for simplifying the submission of fluent jobs. It will be in your path once a Fluent module is loaded. This script will write a jobscript and submit it to PBS.
  • If you want to use the Fluent GUI, please request a login node with qsub. See here for details.


PDFs of the complete documentation, along with the files referenced in the tutorial, are in /soft/ansys/v120.


We have licenses for 3 concurrent users and 24 concurrent processes. fluent_qs will automatically request the correct number of licenses for your job. You can find out how many seats and parallel licenses are currently free with the commands

flex_license_count fluentall 7241@host1
flex_license_count fluent-par 7241@host1
env FLEXLM_LICENSE_FILE=7241@host1 /soft/flexlm/latest/bin/lmutil lmstat -a

The last command will give you the complete status info from the Fluent license server (and possibly from other license servers, as well).

Licenses will automatically be checked back in to the server after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Note that if you request 3 nodes, you can use only 7 cores per node, so you will need to specify

-l nodes=3:ppn=7

to qsub or to fluent_qs.

If a 2-node, 16-core job is running (whether submitted by you or someone else), you'll only be able to use 7 cores on a second job, so you'll need to sbumit your job with

-l nodes=1:ppn=7